Full Watch Repair Center

At Metals In Time we have the ability to do most simple watch repairs on-site while you wait, such as:

– Watch Battery Replacement

– Watch Link Sizing

– Switching Watch Straps

We also offer full restoration and maintenance work, such as:

– Full Overhaul on All ROLEX WATCHES

– Battery with Pressure Seal Assurance

– Drying out water damage, and checking gaskets to identify issue

– Replacing crystals on all Watches

– Replacing quartz movements

– Fixing hands and putting them back on, or replacing them completely

– Overhaul on Vintage Mechanical Watches, as well as sources discontinued parts

– Buffing out scratches on Acrylic Vintage watch crystals

– Full Restoration on watches, both Internal and External

– Fully refinish watches to their pristine visual condition